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Business & Relax in Downtown means living the Alghero experience starting from its pulsing heart - the city centre.

History, the characteristic haunts, the sea, the enchanting places to visit and the vestiges of Catalan culture make it unique for both tourists and business travellers.

You can wander round the historic centre and enjoy its Catalan culture, have a romantic evening meal on the seashore, take a stroll along the Bastions and eat an ice-cream, dance in the discos and enjoy the night life, or quite simply enjoy your shopping in the pedestrian area.

The year 1354 saw the birth of Catalan Alghero. And still today the remains of its past are evident in its language and traditions, but also in the monuments of the historic centre, in its links with Catalonia and in its cuisine.

Alghero is 35 km from Sassari, in the southern Nurra area.

It was founded by the Genoans in the 11th century, and for many years came under the control of the Doria family, whose sway was interrupted for only a short period (1283-1284) by the Pisans.

In 1353 it was conquered by Pietro IV D’Arborea, its population fled to the areas near the city and it became a Catalan colony.

Both under the dominion of Aragon and that of Spain, which lasted until 1720, the city played a key strategic role, as the outpost first of the Kingdom of Aragon and later of Spain in the western Mediterranean.

Tourists come to admire its fine historic centre with exceptionally well-preserved architecture and layout: it is marked by relatively tall buildings set along narrow streets, which served to contain the population within the city walls.

Apart from the beauty of the city itself, Alghero is much sought-after by lovers of the sea. Its stretch of coastline is especially attractive with beaches of fine sand dotted with rocky formations and caves dating back thousands of years.

The mild temperatures year-round mean that swimming in the crystal-clear sea is possible for at least six months of the year.

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