Things not to be missed in Alghero

To enjoy the best of Alghero, visitors should not miss its main attractions - monuments, delicious meals, its beaches and unique views.


To enjoy the best of Alghero, visitors should not miss its main attractions - monuments, delicious meals, its beaches and unique views.

Here are a few hints on what not to miss as you get to know the city.

1 - Monuments and archaeological sites.

Nuraghe Palmavera

The Palmavera nuraghic complex dates back to the 13th century BC: its most ancient portion is the central keep, which was later surrounded by curtain walls provided with towers.All round is the village consisting of some 50 stone huts, including the meeting hut, which contains a small model of a nuraghe, presumably used in religious rites.

The Towers and the Spanish Bastions

The Towers and the Spanish Bastions of Alghero still today preserve a number of reminders of the Aragonese and Spanish periods. The Bastions which look out over the Marco Polo Esplanade with the towers Sulis, Porta a Terra, San Giovanni and San Giacomo at one time formed the defences of the "Fedelissima".Other Aragonese and Spanish towers are found along the coast: the tower of the Porticciolo and those in the Porto Ferro area: Torre Negra, Torre Bianca, and Torre Bantine Sale. The largest of all is situated at Capo Caccia: Torre del Bulo built in the 17th century. The Necropolis of Anghelu RujuThis necropolis was discovered by chance in 1903 during excavations for the construction of a country house. It consists of 37 Domus de Janas (houses of the fairies), rock-cut tombs dating back to the Ozieri Culture (3500 BC).The necropolis comprises several chambers with decorations such as false doorways, columns, cornices and pilasters.Anghelu Ruju also gives its name to a renowned red wine by the Sella & Mosca Winery.

The mining centre of Argentiera

A fine example of industrial architecture, this complex was constructed in the 19th century to exploit the local lead and zinc deposits. Closed down in 1962, it is surrounded by a landscape of rare beauty. The most characteristic construction is the washery which looks out over a gravel beach surrounded by sheer cliffs.

2 - The sea

The "Grotte di Nettuno" (Neptune’s Caves)

These caves can be reached by boat starting from the port of Alghero and visiting the whole coast as far as Capo Caccia. Inside the cave, formed by freshwater erosion over millions of years, is the small La Marmora lake, a beach at one time the haunt of the monk seals and a series of stalagmite and stalactite columns.The caves can also be reached by an imposing stairway of no less than 656 steps (Escala del Cabirol).

"Le Bombarde" and "Lazzaretto" beaches

Close to Fertilia, these beaches are marked by a crystal-clear sea which is quite cold even at the height of summer. Their beauty has made them a popular location for filming TV commercials.

3 - Wine and Food

Catalan Lobster

A simple recipe to enhance its true flavour - just oil, vinegar and thinly-sliced onion.

Tasting of typical wines

Just a few km from the city visitors will find the vineyards and Winery of Sella & Mosca, where an excellent array of great whites and reds can be savoured.Special mention goes to Terre Bianche Torbato Alghero D.O.C.: straw yellow in colour, an excellent match for fish dishes, especially crustaceans.

The Bogamarì Festival

This is the festival of the sea urchin, to be enjoyed with a glass of fine Alghero wine. Held every weekend from January to March.

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