Alghero’s five best places to watch the sunset

A very difficult, at times even painful choice: from which point in Alghero can you enjoy the best sunset?

We thought it over a lot and we turned to every scientific resource available to come to a conclusion, for example we utilized last generation spectrometers, we set up rigorous assessment protocols, we even sent out couples of lovers to perform the crucial test of the sunset kiss!

We tried everything and ended up understanding nothing. The only useful criterion at the end proved to be life itself, that is the way the sunsets seen from various points in Alghero came to be a part of our life experience, developing in us a sort of urgency to seek the sublime: that inner voice that whispers to us: “Now drop everything and go and enjoy the sunset!”, and you know exactly where to go, because that’s the point in which the more or less significant share of poetry that has been bequeathed to you can be regenerated thanks to the spectacle you are experiencing.

So, here are our personal top five places, from last to first ranking (but remember the even the last classified in this list is “superb”). In our opinion, the best sunsets in Alghero can be enjoyed from:
5) the Lido beach;
4) Porto Ferro;
3) the city walls;
2) the viewing point of Capo Caccia;
1) the Blau Skybar.

Are we saying that Alghero’s best sunset can be enjoyed from the Blau Skybar?! Not valid, I hear someone saying, this is pure publicity, self-aggrandisement! Take it as you will but after deep thought we are drawn to elect this as the culminating sunset, with exceptional colours, our daily and regular experience of the sun dipping below the horizon. What’s more, we must say that the Blau is one of those places in Alghero conceived entirely to enable the pure aesthetic and emotional enjoyment of the sunset.
In short, made for sunsets, apropos advertising.

(Photo: @marco.8323)

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