The top five things to do in Alghero in just one weekend

Is a weekend really enough? We don’t even need to specify “what for”.

The answer is without any doubt ‘no’. Even if we decided to do nothing, a weekend would still not be enough to do all our planned nothing. Even less so if we actually want to do something or, specifically, spend a weekend in Alghero. Nevertheless, in today’s post we will give you some hints on how to best use your time here, listing five “must dos”. While they will certainly not give you a complete experience of Alghero, still they will serve as a good introduction to more future discoveries. Let’s start from the last one – not the last one in the sense of jumping into a pool holding a white shark. Rather, it’s the last among a list of sublime things – and the first of the best things to do in Alghero.

5. Take a stroll along the city walls. With their military function by now defunct, the bastions and towers surrounding Alghero have changed their purpose: while in the past they served for defence and encirclement, now they act as a symbol, a monumental threshold which tells you what you are about to see, whether they look towards the city or the sea. We suggest you don’t choose – we suggest you just walk, poised between culture and nature.

4. Buy a horn-shaped coral pendant. You need a good dose of luck to get on in life, we all know that. But being lucky – or unlucky – is not all that important, as long as we manage to be one or the other with style. A gift of a coral horn pendant from Alghero is more than a lucky charm, it represents one of the most precious and admired resources of our town. Coral is part of Alghero’s soul.

3. Visit to Neptune’s Caves. Why would so much beauty be hidden in the limestone rock of the Capo Caccia cliff is something we can never truly fathom. Perhaps as Heraclitus said, it’s because truth loves to hide itself. Whatever the reason, the many halls of these caves shaped and decorated by the creative force of geological phenomena, are amazing to behold. In Alghero, beauty rises up from the depths.

2. Take a swim at Cala Dragunara. A tiny cove measuring 20 x 5 m, a true wonder overlooked by the looming heights of Capo Caccia. Fine golden sand. A crystal-clear sea, ever changing between blue and emerald, a host of hidden gullies, ideal habitat for many-hued fish. Just one piece of advice – go there in the early morning, to avoid the heat and crowds. But do go – it’s an absolute must.

1. Enjoy the sunset from the Blau Sky Bar. Yes, we agree, here we’re beating our own drum, but you will experience something incredible, truly splendid as you watch a sunset over the sea from the highest place in Alghero, and, why not, sip a glass of excellent local wine. Remember, you only have a weekend – better choose a spot where the sublime can quickly be reached by taking the lift!

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