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The Blau Skybar is in Alghero, on the ninth floor of the Catalunya Hotel. This bar with panoramic terrace commands one of the most fascinating views of the bay and historic centre of Alghero. The view from this vantage point is unrivalled in the whole Coral Riviera, as the town's beautiful stretch of coast is known. 


The Hotel has 128 welcoming, spacious and light-filled rooms.
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  • 05122016
  • Sardinian filigree – the frozen vortex

    Two strands of gold, or silver, twisted clockwise, there in just a few words, you have filigree.

    Yes, just a few words, perhaps too few, because if you try to look closely at a piece of jewellery made following this technique, you will be amazed at the harmony, beauty and exquisite detail that can exist in such a tiny space of twisted and curled strands.
    Sardinian filigree displays highly concentrated patterns, a pressing symbolic vortex with roots far back in time, perhaps in ancient Egypt, and later developed in the workshops of the great goldsmiths of Agrigento, Naples, Florence...
  • 12122016
  • Groove at Casa Manno: the most rhythmic Cap d’Any in history

    Today, we’ll start with a confession – it’s difficult for us to write this: feet beating out rhythm on the floor, heads flicking backwards and forwards, wavering on our chairs.

    What we want to do is describe a great initiative set in the rich programme of Cap d’Any 2016: “Groove at Casa Manno”, seven meetings with seven legendary drummers. We’ve already mentioned John Bonham and Keith Moon – today we want to talk about Jeff Porcaro, followed tomorrow by Neil Peart, on 19 December by Cozy Powell, on 2 January by Deen Castronovo, and closing up on 5 January with Vinnie Paul.
    Just why with all the events available are we highlighting this one? Well, first of...
  • 19122016
  • Elvio - the lavender man

    Elvio Sulas, year of birth 1949, from Riola Sardo, Province of Oristano, in the Sinis.
    From a certain point of view, Elvio is singularly lucky, he has one extraordinary characteristic: his name immediately evokes a perfume . A placid, dreamy perfume, but at the same time mysterious and underworldly, of the three thousand plants of lavender he cultivates on his land and from which he draws exceptional pure essential oil. For us Sardinians that perfume has a precise meaning, it’s a certain breeze which flowing in from the sea wafts between certain bushes and breaks on certain...
  • 20012017
  • Bottarga – as a rhetoric expedient

    Butàriga… how come we never found time to talk about it before?
    Truth be known, we felt there was something missing from these posts. Finally, we have understood just what: a good dusting of bottarga. Yes, now everything’s perfect. We can stop reading about it and get down to the important work of eating it. And I defy you to think of anything that doesn’t taste delicious with a light sprinkle of Alghero – or at least Sardinian - bottarga.
    Basically this is the original function of bottarga – to turn a food without too much taste into something...
  • 30012017
  • The Sartiglia of Oristano

    If you’re not interested solely in the pranks and role-reversal aspect of Carnival, but also wish to delve into its heroic-mystical-epic elements, the Oristano Sartiglia will certainly give you what you’re looking for.
    To be frank, it’s difficult to witness a more mysterious, esoteric, sacral and vital carnival event than this.
    Basically, it’s an equestrian joust, one of those events which permitted the winning knight to take as his wife the ethereal daughter of the king. What makes it different is that in this event several completely different elements have been added with various meanings. Assuredly we can admire the equestrian skills of the riders: their trick riding and skills in centring the...
  • 13022017
  • I love you, you red oxen!

    “T’amo, o pio bove”… how can we fault good old Carducci? Let it never be said!
    All the more if you happen to wander through the pasture lands of the Montiferru region, a fascinating spreader under the dome of the sky of the fugitive scents of chamomile and myrtle. So, as we were saying, you might easily come across some exemplars of our solemn red oxen, browsing through the pastures, spread out like great carpets through the network of lava valleys created more than a million and a half years ago.
    A sphinx with a sardonic, far-off gaze, as if sculpted from precious...

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A host of sources will tell you about Alghero its stunning beaches or its picturesque Catalan heritage. We, instead, will guide you to its hidden treasures. Or give you unusual, offbeat insights into its best-known attractions. Loving a place is a bit like loving a person: it involves discovering it every day. We fell in love with Alghero many years ago, but it never ceases to surprise us. We want to share its many facets with you: the delicious tastebud experiences, the fascinating and unusual tales from the town's history, and the many attractions and activities offered by this colourful town facing the sleeping hulk of the Cape to the North-west, between the boats moored at the tourist port and the Spanish-style historic centre. We know Alghero will stay with you.

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