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The Blau Skybar is in Alghero, on the ninth floor of the Catalunya Hotel. This bar with panoramic terrace commands one of the most fascinating views of the bay and historic centre of Alghero. The view from this vantage point is unrivalled in the whole Coral Riviera, as the town's beautiful stretch of coast is known. 


The Hotel has 128 welcoming, spacious and light-filled rooms.
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  • Cocktails at the Blau Skybar and their effects (Sittin' on top of the world)

    Today’s post has a clearly scientific intent: it aims to define the exact effects of sipping cocktails at our Blau Skybar.

    We posit that this activity increases hugely the capacity of producing poetry, establishing good social relationships and seeing the deeper meaning of our life. Theses effects would seem to depend on the extraordinary height above Alghero of the Blau and consequently its increased closeness to certain outposts of beauty, being and freedom. To clarify the argument let’s take a closer look at some specific cocktails.
    Spritz: this ubiquitous, almost commonplace aperitif, at the Blau becomes...
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  • The four best foods to eat in Alghero

    A famous Italian song written as a letter to a friend goes: “The coming year will be gone in just a year/ But I’m getting ready – this is what’s different”.

    Quite right my dear friend, so let us get ready too. How? For example by reviewing the situation. No, not exactly a balance sheet (we’ll leave that to the accountants). Let’s just do some tidying up. We’ve written so many things over the years, now what we need to do is list them in order. For example we have written at length about food. So what are the four best foods to eat in Alghero? Here they are:
    The bogamarì comes first of course. The sea urchin, a delicacy defended by its...
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  • Lepidurus apus lubbocki

    What about the title of this post? It’s a magic spell. It conjures up a mythological beast with extraordinary powers.

    All right, we’re just joking. Lepidurus apus lubbocki is the scientific name of the tadpole shrimp, a crustacean which (together with the better-known and cuter wild horses) lives on the Giara di Gesturi, a great basalt upland in central-southern Sardinia. The most fascinating characteristic of this animal is that it’s an archaic crustacean, which has remained just as it was 200 million years ago. This living fossil inhabits the paùli, which are a typical feature of the Giara, shallow...
  • 18072016
  • “Seadas”, our nourishment

    “Cebar”, in Spanish means: “to nourish” and “cebada”, its past participle, means “nourished.

    The term “seada” is thought to come from this Spanish past participle. Now let’s get down to what a seada actually is. Think of a large “raviolo” consisting of an envelope of Sardinian semolina dough with a filling of fresh ewe’s milk cheese, deep-fried in oil and served with a dusting of powdered sugar or melted honey.
    This rich dish will in turn enrich us. It both nourishes and delights. It makes us grow healthy and strong, and enables us to nourish our reality, making it...
  • 11072016
  • The Park of Le Prigionette: albino wonders

    White donkeys – could there be a more fantastic beast? 

    Equine clouds, immaculate hooved entities, with a sly look which seems to say: “Yes we know, we’re soft and beautiful and we take full advantage of this with the tourists!” To enjoy the sight of these striking creatures roaming freely in nature take a short trip to the Prigionette Park, which also has a host of other wonders to show you. And it’s only 15 minutes from Alghero, on the road to Capo Caccia: you really have no excuses to miss it.
    You can explore it on foot, by bicycle or...

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A host of sources will tell you about Alghero its stunning beaches or its picturesque Catalan heritage. We, instead, will guide you to its hidden treasures. Or give you unusual, offbeat insights into its best-known attractions. Loving a place is a bit like loving a person: it involves discovering it every day. We fell in love with Alghero many years ago, but it never ceases to surprise us. We want to share its many facets with you: the delicious tastebud experiences, the fascinating and unusual tales from the town's history, and the many attractions and activities offered by this colourful town facing the sleeping hulk of the Cape to the North-west, between the boats moored at the tourist port and the Spanish-style historic centre. We know Alghero will stay with you.

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