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The Blau Skybar is in Alghero, on the ninth floor of the Catalunya Hotel. This bar with panoramic terrace commands one of the most fascinating views of the bay and historic centre of Alghero. The view from this vantage point is unrivalled in the whole Coral Riviera, as the town's beautiful stretch of coast is known. 


The Hotel has 128 welcoming, spacious and light-filled rooms.
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  • 18042016
  • A secluded place: the waterfall of Triulintas

    Do you feel like a short trip today?

    We’d like to take you somewhere not too far from Alghero: head to Sassari, then take SS 131, in the direction of Cagliari, for about 13 km. At the turnoff for Ploaghe take SS 597 and go on in the direction of Ploaghe and Chiaramonti. Then make for the village of Martis, where you will leave your car and start walking for about an hour, making for the waterfall of Triulintas.We said it’s not too far from Alghero. Yet at the same time, it’s a far-off place of itself. The waterfall...
  • 29032016
  • Easter is essential in 2016

    The “Setmana Santa” (Holy Week) of Alghero: we already talked of this last year in our blog. This is a celebration involving the whole town from Good Friday to Easter Sunday

    Good Friday is the culminating point of the grief of Easter, the terrifying abyss of death, the devastating folly of Man who oppresses, torments and massacres his fellow-beings, corruption which devours body and soul. Alghero is a town coloured by the red drapes covering the lampposts, the farols which spread their trembling shadows all around, as if they were furtive frightened existences which continually appear from and disappear into the walls.And we have deep knowledge of these aspects:...
  • 22032016
  • Alghero Extra Virgin

    The event “Olio Capitale”, the 10th show of typical and quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oils, was held at the Trieste Maritime Station this month.

    And guess which cities represented Sardinia at this, the most important of the trade fairs dedicated to extra-virgin olive oil? Oliena (nomen omen – the name says it all!) and Alghero, as testimony to the great prestige and quality achieved on our island in the ancient tradition of olive oil production.To tell the truth, Alghero and Oliena have for some time now created a sort of synergy with their Olive oil trail, which the town of Orgosolo has also joined. Thus, Alghero, Oliena and...
  • 21032016
  • An emotional tour round Alghero’s beaches: Cala Dragunara

    Summer is nearly here – it might not seem so, on these days of poor weather, but it’s the truth.

    What’s more, just saying it makes one feel optimistic; it’s much better than carrying round an umbrella. So, starting from today, I’m going to tell you about Alghero’s best beaches: there are many of them, each with its own personality. By the time summer arrives, I hope to have provided you with a handy map showing where and how to spend your time enjoying the sea and sun and all the other splendid gifts of nature.Let’s start from the small bay that is a departing point for many...
  • 07032016
  • Isola Piana and Isola Foradada: Paradoxes of the Sea

    The thing we love most about these two islets situated on the western side of Cape Caccia is that they are islands in the true sense of the word.
    The thing we love most about these two islets situated on the western side of Cape Caccia is that they are islands in the true sense of the word. Sardinia itself is an island but is not isolated: people and their stories link it closely to the mainland, through a close web of relationships and bridges of the heart we can easily cross with our minds. The Tyrrhenian Sea, rather than separating Sardinia, links it to Italy: it is above all the medium of contact, it establishes continuity, it is...

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A host of sources will tell you about Alghero its stunning beaches or its picturesque Catalan heritage. We, instead, will guide you to its hidden treasures. Or give you unusual, offbeat insights into its best-known attractions. Loving a place is a bit like loving a person: it involves discovering it every day. We fell in love with Alghero many years ago, but it never ceases to surprise us. We want to share its many facets with you: the delicious tastebud experiences, the fascinating and unusual tales from the town's history, and the many attractions and activities offered by this colourful town facing the sleeping hulk of the Cape to the North-west, between the boats moored at the tourist port and the Spanish-style historic centre. We know Alghero will stay with you.

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