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The Blau Skybar is in Alghero, on the ninth floor of the Catalunya Hotel. This bar with panoramic terrace commands one of the most fascinating views of the bay and historic centre of Alghero. The view from this vantage point is unrivalled in the whole Coral Riviera, as the town's beautiful stretch of coast is known. 


The Hotel has 128 welcoming, spacious and light-filled rooms.
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  • 20022017
  • What can a Giara horse do for us?

    Don’t call it a pony: this rustic, untamed little animal might be offended.
    Rather it’s a true horse, in all respects; yes, it’s small, but it’s still a horse. And since it lives only on the Giara tableland, whose habitat has offered it a safe haven, it’s known everywhere as the “little horse of the Giara”. Undisputed master of that huge stone raft where it roams undisturbed and isolated from the rest of the world, our small, wild equine rarity passes its days just as we would like to, defying wind and weather at the gallop, with its thick mane tossed by...
  • 13022017
  • I love you, you red oxen!

    “T’amo, o pio bove”… how can we fault good old Carducci? Let it never be said!
    All the more if you happen to wander through the pasture lands of the Montiferru region, a fascinating spreader under the dome of the sky of the fugitive scents of chamomile and myrtle. So, as we were saying, you might easily come across some exemplars of our solemn red oxen, browsing through the pastures, spread out like great carpets through the network of lava valleys created more than a million and a half years ago.
    A sphinx with a sardonic, far-off gaze, as if sculpted from precious...
  • 13032017
  • The Basilica of Saccargia and the dance of the absolute

    In the emptiness there is God
    Far from all political strife, from all human dealings, from every rational reduction, rises the striped mass of the Basilica of the Holy Trinity of Saccargia and the first thing I ask of you as you approach and spy its high bell tower, is to refrain from speaking, from seeking adjectives; leave language at the entrance, as a minimum act of submission to the sacred.
    In the Municipality of Codrongianos, in the Province of Sassari, isolated in a fertile valley completely surrounded by a...
  • 20032017
    Chi salvera le rose
  • Who will save the roses?

    Yes, that’s the question – Who will save the roses?
    A tricky question and a pressing one too. If there should be a rose to save, who wouldn’t do his very best to save it? Who wouldn’t ask himself what could be done to save it? To save what? The rose? Not the rose, but above all the innate beauty of each rose, as if it were a delicate casket. And this is the meaning of this film’s title, the first work of our fellow citizen Cesare Furesi, a film which has Alghero itself as backdrop or, perhaps we should say, leading player, together with...

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A host of sources will tell you about Alghero its stunning beaches or its picturesque Catalan heritage. We, instead, will guide you to its hidden treasures. Or give you unusual, offbeat insights into its best-known attractions. Loving a place is a bit like loving a person: it involves discovering it every day. We fell in love with Alghero many years ago, but it never ceases to surprise us. We want to share its many facets with you: the delicious tastebud experiences, the fascinating and unusual tales from the town's history, and the many attractions and activities offered by this colourful town facing the sleeping hulk of the Cape to the North-west, between the boats moored at the tourist port and the Spanish-style historic centre. We know Alghero will stay with you.

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