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Panorama di Alghero dal Blau Sky Bar
Tramonto sul porto di Alghero
Banchina del porto con vista su Alghero
Vista dell'Hotel dal porto di Alghero
Vista dell'Hotel dai Giardini Giuseppe Manno
Case storiche sul bastione Marco Polo
Catapulta con panorama del golfo
Negozi nel centro storico di Alghero
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Blau Experience

Vivi con noi la Blau Experience - Winter Edition, una serie di eventi invernali realizzati nel weekend e dedicati alla scoperta delle eccellenze enogastronomiche del territorio. Splendida cornice di questi appuntamenti, il Blau Skybar, la terrazza panoramica più suggestiva di Alghero, al nono piano dell’Hotel Catalunya.


The Hotel has 128 welcoming, spacious and light-filled rooms.
Find the best room for your stay in the centre of Alghero.

  • 13112017
  • The caves of Buggerru: Notes from underground

    Buggerru: perhaps not many know it, perhaps this name means nothing to you.
    And yet, it’s a very symbolic place for Sardinia and not only for Sardinia. The slaughter of Buggerru of 4 September 1904, when the army fired on the miners in revolt against their unacceptable working conditions, not only gave rise to the first general strike in Italy, but also represents the bloodiest episode of a long history of inequalities and disparities between the affluent and comfortable life of the mine directors who made Buggerru the ‘petite Paris’ of Sardinia, and the harsh...
  • 27112017
  • The Cave of the broken vases (and of full frames)

    Is the frame part of a picture or not? Perhaps it is and it isn’t.
    The frame acts as a boundary and shows the ambivalent nature of all boundaries: it opens by closing and closes by opening. The frame separates the picture from the rest of the space but, by circumscribing the picture, it also marks it out and concentrates it, allowing the space inside it to display its colours, perspectives, depths, shadows, lights. While the frame is not the picture, it allows the picture to present itself to us as such. Now, why have I started by talking about frames? Well, as...
  • 04122017
  • The ‘Fairies’ House of Sedini

    According to Sardinia’s folk legends, certain cavities dug out of the rock, scattered in the interior of our island, are the homes of the ‘janas’, the fairy folk, tiny magic creatures, generally harmless unless disturbed, in which case they might become mischievous and even a little dangerous.
    To tell the truth, I have never come across the ‘janas’, nor have I ever disturbed them by disrupting the peace of their remote homes, which in actual fact are prehistoric chamber tombs. Better not to hurt the feelings of what doesn’t exist, since for that very reason they might begin to exist, and that would mean trouble. While most ‘fairies’ houses’ are situated in the countryside and are small or medium in size, there is one set right in the heart of the historic centre of a town...
  • 11122017
  • The feel of stone at Porto Flavia

    We have spoken of Sardinia’s pink granite, of the mining area of Buggerru, only last week of the monolithic ‘Fairies’ House’ of Sedini: evidently, in this period we are attracted by stone.
    Not that our hearts are made of that material (how could it be – we’re close to Christmas!). Rather, those who know even a little about Sardinia will know that it’s not just a question of sea, but also of land and rock. The constant interaction of sea and rock constitutes the essence of Sardinia. A perfect example of this is Porto Flavia.
    A mining infrastructure in the area of Masua (Iglesias), perched on the rugged side of a mountain dropping sheer into the sea, Porto Flavia is a...
  • 15012018
    Testo di Non potho reposare
  • Non potho reposare – I cannot rest

    We’ve packed away the Christmas trees, boxed the Nativity scenes, taken down the lights, the poinsettias are fading – what is left is what for a while was hidden by the gold and silver decorations, the lights and sugary treats of the festivities: what is left is reality, which returns as clear and implacable as ever.
    The cold wind of winter harshly highlights every stone, every metal surface, every distance. Standing at a misty window, holding a cup of hot herb tea, we are easy prey to a touch of sadness, surprised by the almost imperceptible rustle of some absence hidden away in a dark corner of the house. To avoid falling into gloominess and savour instead the caress of sweet, dreamy melancholy, today we propose to you a lyric that is deeply imprinted in the culture and soul of our island: Non potho...

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A host of sources will tell you about Alghero its stunning beaches or its picturesque Catalan heritage. We, instead, will guide you to its hidden treasures. Or give you unusual, offbeat insights into its best-known attractions. Loving a place is a bit like loving a person: it involves discovering it every day. We fell in love with Alghero many years ago, but it never ceases to surprise us. We want to share its many facets with you: the delicious tastebud experiences, the fascinating and unusual tales from the town's history, and the many attractions and activities offered by this colourful town facing the sleeping hulk of the Cape to the North-west, between the boats moored at the tourist port and the Spanish-style historic centre. We know Alghero will stay with you.

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